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Photo of Erica Szkody

Erica Szkody, Ph.D. 

Researcher  |  Clinical Psychologist  |  Scientist 


Productive team-minded implementation researcher with expertise in intervention science and interpersonal relationships resulting 29 peer-reviewed journal publications, 30+ presentations to scientific communities, and countless speaking engagements at community led mental health events

Education and Occupation

Erica Szkody completed their doctorate degree (2022) and master's degree (2018) in Clinical Psychology at Mississippi State University and completed their bachelor's degree (2016)  in psychology at Eastern Michigan University. Erica Szkody currently works as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Northwestern University with Dr. Jessica Schleider and the Lab for Scalable Mental Health. Recently, their team adapted single-session interventions into a physical and digital drop-in support center for healthcare workers and trainees at Stony Brook University Hospital. Now, they are hard at work developing and evaluating single-session interventions for youth across the United States. 

Current Research 

Erica Szkody applies advanced research methodology to the development, analysis, implementation, and dissemination of interventions targeted to improve interpersonal support systems in the community. They have experience delivering evidence-based care and conducting community-based participatory research in rural communities which they leverage to adapt new and existing interventions for underserved populations. 

Random Facts About Erica

Erica wasn't always involved in psychology. Before going back to school to finish their degree in psychology they completed a certificate in Pastry Arts in Maryland. Erica still loves to bake today to help themself de-stress. In addition to baking, they love long hikes in the outdoors (anywhere with beautiful trees), reading fantasy and science fiction novels, or playing video games. 

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